Why Shop

  • Larger Selection - Unlike consignment shops, we have two large buildings packed full of merchandise where you're sure to find what you're looking for.
  • Lower Prices - Because sellers make 20-50% more than at consignment shops they are able to price their items lower and the savings are passed on to you!
  • Quality Merchandise, Organized Display - Unlike yard sales, you don't have to sort through boxes of clothing to find one good piece. We accept only quality items and display them in a retail setting sorted by size and gender.
  • Range of Merchandise - We carry sizes from infant to size 16, and maternity so you can shop for yourself and ALL your kids in one place instead of going from yard sale to yard sale.
  • Reasonable Hours - Shop while the kids are in school or after they go to bed. We're open for your convenience until 9PM on Thursday (presale), 8PM on Friday, and 2PM on Saturday.
  • Extreme Markdowns - You can return the final day for many 50% markdowns.


How to Shop

The bargains are so great at Leprechaun Lilly's that most shopping times are very busy. Please follow these tips for your best shopping experience!

  • Leave the Strollers at Home - Our space is packed tight with great merchandise which makes strollers difficult to maneuver. For your shopping convience we offer large Ikea bags for you to borrow while shopping. Alternatively bring a laundry basket or large bag for holding your items.
  • Bring Cash and Checks - Please help us keep item prices low, and consignor percentages high by paying with cash and checks. We strive to have an ATM onsite during the sale if possible.
  • Shop Up a Size and Down a Size - Manufacturer sizes differ. Be sure to shop up a size and down a size to be sure you're finding all of the great items that may fit your child!
  • Allow Ample Time - With over 25,000 items at each sale you'll want to allow ample time to shop and purchase your items.
  • Inspect Your Items - We work hard to ensure that only the best quality items make it to the sales floor. Unfortunately, sometimes an item will get through inspection that should not have made it to the floor. All sales are final so please double check your items before purchase. If you find an item that does not meet Leprechaun Lilly's standards please bring it to a volunteer so we may remove it from the sales floor.
  • Make Sure Your Friend Has a Presale Pass Too - Thursday night volunteer presale passes are for ONE adult individual only. Make sure your friend or spouse has a presale pass so he/she may shop on Thursday night with you! We welcome ALL shoppers on Friday and Saturday for public shopping.


Who Can Shop

Anyone can shop at Leprechaun Lilly's. Our public sale is open Friday from 9:00AM-8:00PM and Saturday from 9:00AM-2:00PM. Shop even earlier at our special Thursday night presales before the public sale. Presales are available for volunteers, consignors, and first time parents and grandparents (space limited to first 100 registrants). Registration is required for all Thursday night presales.

Presale passes are for ONE adult individual only. Each individual must volunteer or register separately to receive a presale pass.


First Time Parent/Grandparent Presale

It's your first go around and we think you're special! Parents or grandparents who meet the following criteria can now register for our exclusive First Time Parent/Grandparent Presale on Thursday, April 11, from 8:00-9:00PM. You must register in advance to attend this exclusive presale. Space is limited to the first 100 registrants. Each individual must register separately. Individuals are limited to attending two New Parent/Grandparent presales total.

Are You ...

  • Pregnant With or Adopting your FIRST child on or before April 11, 2019, or
  • Pregnant With or Adopting your FIRST grandchild on or before April 11, 2019

Or Is Your ...

  • OLDEST child younger than one year old by April 11, 2019, or
  • OLDEST grandchild younger than one year old by April 11, 2019

AND You...

  • Have not attended more than ONE previous Leprechaun Lilly's New Parent Presale

THEN You Qualify to...

Register for the 2019 Spring/Summer First Time Parent/Grandparent Presale

Don't meet the criteria? Register to volunteer and get even earlier presale shopping or shop during the public sale on Friday and Saturday!

When to Shop
Thursday, April 11
Time Open For
4:00PM-9:00PM 9+ Hour Volunteers & Table Vendors
5:00PM-9:00PM 6 Hour Volunteers
6:00PM-9:00PM 3 Hour Volunteers
7:00PM-9:00PM Consignors
8:00PM-9:00PM Registered First Time Parents/Grandparents


Friday, April 12
Time Open For
9:00AM-8:00PM Public Shopping


Saturday, April 13
Time Open For
9:00AM-2:00PM 1/2 Price Day Public Shopping

Where to Shop
St. Mary's County Fairgrounds
42455 Fairgrounds Road

Leoardtown, MD 20650

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