About the Sale

Launched in 2005, Leprechaun Lilly's is a consignment sale for children's and maternity clothing, toys, baby gear, furniture, etc. The sale is held two times annually. We LOVE meeting all the families throughout Southern Maryland, and look forward to meeting you too!



About Leprechaun Lilly

The McConville kids are blessed to have a talented aunt. On each of their first birthdays, she created a custom book featuring each kid as the main character. The first book featured Leprechaun Lilly and his friend Hilly Billy. The catchy character name Leprechaun Lilly was an easy name choice for the sale.

About the Sale Founder

I am a native West Virginian and have lived in Maryland since 1991.  In 2001, I made the decision to leave my career as an IT Project Manager to become a stay-at-home mom. While I love Southern Maryland, I was discouraged at the resources available for reselling children's items, and so for several years I traveled home to WV to visit a children's consignment sale there. 

In 2005, I decided the time had come to bring this valuable resource to Southern Maryland.  I am excited to serve our community of families. I look forward to meeting you and hope you will take a moment to say hi at the upcoming sale.



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Giving Back
Supported Charities

Part of our mission is to provide affordable quality items to those in need. In addition to offering great merchandise available for sale, we work with consignors to donate unsold items to local organizations where they can make a difference in the lives of local families.

We were pleased to recently partner with the following charities.

  • CareNET
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Teddy Bear Clinic
  • The Judy Center
  • Local Foster Care Families
If your organization is interested in working with Leprechaun Lilly's to receive donations please email Mitzi@LeprechaunLillys.com.



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